BSOD isn’t something to fear! The Technomancer’s have repair gear!

Necrotechs LLC was established in 2018 with one goal in mind: We Resurrect Dead Technology. One question remains though: Who are these digital diviners, these web-based wonder workers, these…Technomancers?

Gerald “Gerry” Martin is the founder and the head technomancer. This Longwood University alumni’s fascination with technology started in the late 80’s with his first computer, a Tandy 1000HX! Gerry collects big box PC games, retro video games as well as old technology. A jack of all trades, when he’s not tinkering with a computer for repairs, he streams regularly on Twitch as LongwoodGeek.

Branden “Puck” Martin is the co-owner of Necrotechs and Gerry’s intern. Branden prefers to learn hands on – but don’t let his lack of a degree fool you! He’s very capable and isn’t afraid to ask questions. He tends to be more software savvy and prefers to spend his time designing websites. He also does digital art and voice acting when he’s not eyes deep in CSS.

Thesally Jane Ravenwood is our contracted eyes in the skies! They currently are working remotely with us as they are mainly working on music with the band Antler Hill. Thus, they aren’t very active in the technology side of Necrotechs – but! They also helped found Necrotechs and deserved a mention here. 🙂