What are the NecroTechromancers? Well, we are just that! “We Resurrect Dead Technology.” This means that several of the services we offer include: computer repair, computer maintenance, custom computer builds, data archiving (in particular our focus is on obsolete formats/media: floppy disks & ZIP disks for example), data recovery (coming soon), server builds and maintenance. But that’s not all, Coming real soon we will be  website hosting, website design, graphics design, and more!

But, who are the Techromacers in question?

The main man is Gerry Martin (gerry@necrotechs.com). Gerry is incredibly skilled in computers. He is also specializes Server building and configuration, web hosting, fluent in *nix-based OSes/Software (including Mac OSX), Windows OSes, and legacy file & operating systems.

Branden Martin (branden@necrotechs.com) Is our second Main man, the real MVP! Branden’s specialties are in art/graphics design and character voice work/voice acting and they are starting school for information technology soon.

Lastly we have Thesally Jane (thesally@necrotechs.com ) the final and youngest of the Trio. Thesally’s specialties are in art/graphics design, videography, vlogging, and writing (both fiction and non-fiction), and Proof reading. Thesally is working on improving their skills in computer maintenance and video editing. They will also be attending College for Psychology in the future.