Why choose Necrotechs?

It's 3 AM and you have a project due. Suddenly, your computer just BORKS, and you don't know why! We know your data is important as is your time. Quality is not only our goal, it's our ambition!

Down-To-Earth People

Nothing's worse than trying to understand computer and tech jargon when you have very little knowledge in the field. We break it down so concepts are super easy to grasp.


If it's not something we're comfortable doing, we're up front and honest! We won't take a client unless we're sure we can help them. If we can't, we can direct you to someone who can. How's THAT for customer service?


Nobody likes it when they don't know what's going on. Our direct-line-of-contact approach to tech support ensures that you know where we are in fixing your system or retrieving your data every step of the way.